IMG_5397 This is my favorite window in our house, it looks out into our yard from the head of our bed. The birdfeeder sits right outside, mostly for the cats entertainment. However I like to  lay there and feel the breezes and hear the twittering of the birds and the knocking off the woodpeckers.



IMG_5437Mailboxes aren’t as fun as they used to be, with online chatting, texting and email, cards and letters are rapidly becoming a  thing of the past. But I’m still clinging to sending cards and notes to people I love. There is a certain excitement as I open the box and hope that something good is in there.


IMG_5400 Over at NathaliesStudio today we are on our third photo prompt – fences.  A synonym for fences is barrier. Being as how today is rainy and dreary, and my fibromyalgia is on its worst behavior that  tends to be a barrier for me.  To represent that I built a miniature barrier of prescription and nonprescription medications, even though  these are meant  to make me feel better, I am using them today to represent not feeling well.  Fibromyalgia causes pain all over your body and extreme fatigue,  sadly it is often a barrier to work, ADLs  and even  creative ventures …